ESP USA Limited Edition Nosferatu

The ESP USA Nosferatu is a limited-edition guitar created as a collaboration between the luthiers at the ESP USA Shop in California and acclaimed artist Dumitru “Dino” Muradian. The fine artwork on this guitar is applied via Muradian’s innovative and completely unique technique in burning highly-detailed artwork into wood by hand, known as pyrography. The artwork on the ESP USA Nosferatu is hand-created by Muradian, and quantities of this model is limited to only 15 guitars worldwide.


Venice Y.

The intro kinda scared me haha but the video is great. Thanks! 

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Chad  J.

Wtf! Send me a blank body and I'll do virtually any graphic you want on our glow forge for half the $$

kim b.

This is one of the best guitars I saw. The design is so awesome, it is like art on a guitar. My friend's Broom and Paint roller this is it.