In Van Halen mode while a Les Paul Seymour Duncan

Dear ESP LT Heads


and erm I had kind of  streak due Love issues. Was more in Van Halen mode.  And so my lasses tough hardest racist polices around and were saved by EU forces. 

I am such a one with UNHCR work reference to add even as 2 Swiss academic grades and no better job than as night watch at ref homes and had also  to clean refugee home toilets at one place. 


So aha Swiss born are to be employed better while some had due EU  states better jobs though and refugees partly also been paid by US funds and EU Funds. Well we don't mind as I had time to develop my playing style or my music. What is kind of unique in that  extreme lenght. Eternal Champion has it and Voltax. Others too. I have to guitars with Seymour Duncan and yes they are the one key opener  or enhancer. I have one  ESP LTD fluence in  eyes and could then get one while one fine other firm  or 3 even. Money lacking. 


I have recently purchased next to AMT one tube amps also NeuralDSP software. And I am quite impressed. Next to my Overloud mainly. 

I like to mix them small amps with the Emulators and get such sounds. Of course with some plug ins more. Compressors and Equalizers mainly. 


Here the stuff of Swiss admin, while there are thenalso EU Laws been taken over. It is a pity I don't know what they are driving. Once that and then cooperating while then USA is kind of out for EU. 


Whom of us all  shall die for the mess of not that all  getting that fine and good or straight? No one right?


  • Vernehmlassung 2021/85 copy url
    Änderung des Ausländer- und Integrationsgesetzes: Zulassungserleichterung für Ausländerinnen und Ausländer mit Schweizer Hochschulabschluss
    • Behörde: Bundesrat
    • Mit der vorgeschlagenen Änderung des Ausländer- und Integrationsgesetzes (AIG) soll die Motion Dobler 17.3067 «Wenn die Schweiz teure Spezialisten ausbildet, sollen sie auch hier arbeiten können» umgesetzt werden. Die an einer Schweizer Universität oder Hochschule ausgebildeten ausländischen Fachkräfte aus Drittstaaten sollen demnach von den jährlichen Höchstzahlen für Aufenthaltsbewilligungen ausgenommen werden, wenn ihre Erwerbstätigkeit von hohem wissenschaftlichem oder wirtschaftlichem Interesse ist.
    • Datum der Eröffnung: 27.10.2021
    • Frist: 10.02.2022
    • Betroffene SR Nummer(n): 142.20
    • Eröffnung
    • Letzte Aktualisierung: 27. Oktober 2021



So have  fun with the video as with the other ones. 


And keep an eye please on EUR LEX and Fedlex the Swiss laws and own. Free trade and our copy rights protected as EU Data protection regulation for all natural persons bank accountts and health care and all. 


And by the way the EU has written out that  they don't lioke the politcial power play of Belarus drama as they call it exploitation of pawnship like play. 

Even Russia for me isn't that keen on that creepy war mongers. 


I wish You all  fine times as loyalty earns loyalty back and all  world for our kind for gigs and good time!