Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) ToneHub Pack from STL Tones

ESP signature artist Bill Kelliher of the acclaimed American metal band Mastodon has recently released a new ToneHub pack for STL Tones. Tonehub is an expansive plug-in suite that hosts guitar and bass preset packs from the biggest names in the music industry. For this plug-in, the company used tones that Bill developed during the sessions for Mastodon's latest album Hushed and Grim using his Friedman Butterslax signature amp.

Check out the demo video, where Bill is playing through the ToneHub plug-in using his newest guitar from the ESP Custom Shop. The guitar, which Bill refers to as the "Royal Shiva", is a double-cutaway shape in Silver Sunburst finish. The Bill Kelliher ToneHub Pack is available for $49.99, and you can also download a five-day free trial to check it out. Get it here.

Hekate's flame

Are ESP legally barred from using rectangle and trapezoid inlays in their factory-made guitars for N.A.?

Justin D.

These tones sound fantastic no surprise coming from a member of mastodon. But I’m curious will we be seeing a royal shiva style signature model in the coming years line up?