LTD EC-256 Demo by Lenny Widegren

Using the LTD EC-256, guitarist and Musicians Institute instructor Lenny Widegren shows that you don't have to break the bank to get great tones. The EC-256 is excellent for all musical styles and genres, and looks amazing with multiple binding on the body and headstock like you expect from high-quality guitars. This guitar features our acclaimed ESP Designed LH-150 humbucking pickups that offer great tone for all genres of music, and the tone flexibility of coil-splitting controlled by a push-pull switch on the tone knob.

Joseph M.

I seen this very guitar and Lenny playing it today. I had to ask him about it. Not only did it look great. It sounded amazing.

Adam Y.

Gotoh Magnum lockers and a fret job by a great luthier or PLEK and good to go.

Tom W.

It sounds very nice, but you used a few tricks. I like your great guitars, but in my opinion it is a bit unfortunate that you are presenting a guitar for $ 400 (in the EU) with accessories for about $ 3000. The EC-256 is a guitar for beginners. Can you imagine a young guitarist buying a guitar for $ 400 and accessories for almost $ 3,000? Torpedo 600 $ notebook, Ibanez Chorus $ 150, Caverns D&R v2 $ 199.00, used 1987 Marshall - Silver Jubilee 25/50 Combo - Model 2554 about 1800 $ and strap, cable, cover etc. Show how this guitar sounds with an adequate amplifier, for example Marshall MG15, DSL5, or Blackstar ID Core Beam, Vox VX15GT without any additional goodies, so that you can hear what the young guitarist really gets. Assume a guitarist who buys an EC-256 has a budget of <$ 1000, because that is 95% of the time. Remember, there is nothing that scares off secondary customers like being disappointed with the difference between the demo and the reality. Your guitars are great and will also hold up with a budget combos. Thanks to this video, I discovered a device that I had no idea of ​​a Notes Torpedo. A wonderful gem.

James K.

Sounds SCHWEET !!!

Darren Stroud

great tone and playing!!