ESP Alexi Ripped Demo by Samy Elbanna (Lost Society)

Samy Elbanna, guitarist and frontman of Finnish metal band Lost Society, got the rare opportunity to try out the new Alexi Ripped guitar, part of our new Signature Series introductions for the late Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom/Bodom After Midnight. Samy is shown here playing the handcrafted version of the guitar from the ESP Custom Shop. The Alexi Ripped is also available in ESP E-II and LTD Series versions. The second of the two new Alexi Laiho Signature models, the Alexi Hexed, is available in ESP Custom Shop and LTD versions. All five of these new models will be available soon at ESP dealers worldwide; contact them now to preorder.

Thanks to our friends at ESP distributor Musamaailma in Finland for making this video happen! 

Monique C.

unbelievable i am speechless you sold me i will save up for this it sounds phenomenal and i dont know if that describes how great it is  thanks  for playing rip alexi my guitar hero