ESP at Louder Than Life (Louisville, KY, Sep 23-27, 2021)

ESP was a premier sponsor at the 2021 Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky from September 23-27, 2021. Check out this video and see some of the scenes from inside the ESP All Access Zone tent, The Music Experience, and of course on the stages (and backstages) throughout the fest!

Mista R.

Where or when will I find white ltd vulture in white at my dealers Poland?

John D.

What was the crackle type paint job on a snakebyte? It pops up real quick.  Was that the headstock of the camo one? I'm getting a red KH arrow first then the white vulture. I wish Hets purple baritone color was on a vulture. 


Looks like snake skin pattern.

Ron M.

Suggested a white Vulture to ESP over a year ago and they were like, "Um eeehhh yea." Nice to see it finally here. Now watch the sales go up.

Jim S.

When will the white Vulture and Camo snakebite be available?  We NEEEEEED more info lol!!!!

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