LTD Mike Schleibaum Signature Series MSV-1

Mike Schleibaum of DC-based melodic death metal band Darkest Hour has been a member of the ESP artist family for many years, and the LTD MSV-1 is his first Signature Series model. Based on the ESP Arrow shape, the outstanding MSV-1 offers neck-thru-body construction, a mahogany body with maple cap, 24 extra-jumbo stainless steel frets, block inlays, Grover tuners, a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge, and a single EMG JH (James Hetfield signature) active pickup. It comes in Olympic White finish. More info on this "New for 2021" guitar will be available early next year!

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Mike Schleibaum

Synix ! THE SCALE is 24.75 - it is SLIGHTLY SMALLER scale then EVERY OTHER ARROW - making it VERY SPECIAL. So what you are seeing is correct and it is that PERFECT amount of extra space to get them wide Dimebage OR Van Halen stretch runs in! - PLAYS SO GOOD..hard to put down to write this haha!


Nolan M.

Awesome Guitar! Any idea when this thing will go up for sale? I need it!

Logan D.

AWESOME! Can’t wait so a video of the new Black Metal EX!

Jose S.

hey Mike, when I saw this video on youtube I clicked immediately, I'm very happy for you in having your signature guitar. Just a quick questions what Low tunings you tend to use and how you make them work with you signature guitar? thats my concern being that this isnt a baritone guitar and Im worry about the tension although Im aware thats depends on the floyd...thanks..and excuse if my question is of a newbie

Mike Schleibaum

Great question. I have used this guitar as low as Drop A# with big ol' strings on there and as long as it is set up right it still holds the tuning great! For reference, most Darkest Hour songs are in C, G, C, F, A, D, so we play a few steps lower then standard already. I know it's not a baritone but it holds those low tunings just fine for me. Its all about the FLOYD once you have that set up right you really cant go wrong! 


Mike Schleibaum

Hey Synix, cant seem to reply to you but wanted to write this in a post. The Scale of this guitar is 25.5 - like other Arrow LTDs. Although i did start on a single cut style guitar once I evolved to the FLOYD ROSE bridge I started down the path of falling in love the bigger scale. For me the slightly bigger scale allows for more accuracy and I dont mind it at all. To me F spaced strings and 25.5 scale give me plenty of room to get expressive while still tight enough for that speed I need! 


Don't know what's up with that. That makes sense, been a Floyd player my whole life so I know what it's like to fall in love with one. Heard of the Sophia bridge? Some people are calling it the best thing to happen to trems since the FR itself.

Mike Schleibaum

SYNIX never heard of it, will check it out for sure, always love to try new things!!! <3 Try this guitar out if you ever see it, you will love it!!!


Thanks for pointing this out Mike, so does it also have the maple cap which is listed or..? Someone should tell ESP to correct the specs for this guitar at the product page. Thanks for designing such a great guitar!


I also cannot reply to your comment saying I'll love this guitar. I'm sure I will, however I did notice on the spec page, it lists the scale length at 24 3/4", is that an error on ESPs part or was the spec changed at the last minute?

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