E-II Horizon NT-7B Demo by Gergo Hajer (Omega Diatribe)

Gergo Hajer of the Budapest, Hungary-based groove metal band Omega Diatribe created this demo of one of his favorite ESP models, the E-II NT-7B Hipshot. This 7-string baritone guitar at 27" scale features neck-thru-body construction, a Hipshot hardtail bridge with string-thru-body design, EMG 85-7H (neck) and 81-7H (bridge) active pickups, Schaller straplock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a bone nut. Keep up with Hajer and Omega Diatribe at their official website.

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Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak



Xaar K.

Greetings to you my friend!) I know this model. Indeed I really want it myself) Amazing guitar, such kind of mastepiece, as always from ESP!