ESP 45th Anniversary Artist Shout-Outs

2020 has been a hellacious year, but it's also ESP's 45th anniversary, and dozens of ESP artists around the world sent in their congratulations to us, each in their own special way. Check out the ESP artist shout-outs from players like Gary Holt, George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Head, Reba Meyers, Alexi Laiho, Bill Kelliher, Behemoth, Page Hamilton, Max Cavalera, Lars Frederiksen, Alex Skolnick, Stephen Carpenter, Frank Bello, Javier Reyes, and many, many more!


Cool video. Too bad they had to end it with the retarded “Hail Satan”.

Adam K

Andy LaRocque still doesn't have a signature model...................We are still waiting ESP!!!!!

Vadim Ketivo

If no 9 string ESP guitars are making into the market next year I'm suing! Stephen Carpenter and Josh Travis are a clear indication that these monsters deserve a spot in the lineup!


wheres kirky n papahet? 

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak

Many many happy birthday to the best guitar company in the world 



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