Amazed and Excited to see Andy LaRocque finally playing ESP now Needs his own signature model or at least Some King Diamond album covers on an M Series Like Slayer and Metallica have. - updated
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ESP LTD, Ltd V 300, Ltd M330, Ex 102, B.C.Rich, Gunslinger USA, Warlock, and Ibanez Rg 7 String
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History Channel, Discovery Channel, HBO, and Adult Swim
Bram Stokers Dracula and Crowley
melodic death metal,, and melodic black metal
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#marshall, carvin, and Kemper
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ANDY LA ROCQUE, Alexi Laiho, ‎Adam Darski, Choq, Peter tagtren, Mike Wead, Vorph, Alex Skolnick, Samoth, Ihsahn, Galder, Silonez, Hank Sherman, Michael Denner, and Randy Rhoads
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I'm 42 skilled laborer musician future anthropologist I study the Occult and Demonology human history former barback/bartender current Guitar Center Guitar Sales Associate @ store 451 in Oklahoma City 4058109191 

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Really need Andy and Mike they're own signature models illI buy both because I love the way these two guys play Andy is my Second Favorite Guitarist only because Randy Rhoads is my number one, I've been trying to learn his......MORE »
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This is so darn good news!! Now one of my fav. gtr players is part of the ESP family! I hope they let Andy and Mike have their own siganture models. \m/......MORE »
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