Devin Holt (Pallbearer) on Premier Guitar's "Riff Rundown"

Our friends at Premier Guitar Magazine always seem to produce killer content, and this "Riff Rundown" video on Pallbearer's Devin Holt is no exception. Devin is using his LTD Deluxe EC-1007 EverTune to teach you the riff from the title track of Pallbearer's upcoming album Forgotten Days, scheduled for release on October 23 via Nuclear Blast (and which you can preorder here). Devin's dark and sludgy tone is perfect for the doom metal vibe of this excellent band, but you can find a lot more tonal variety with the EC-1007 EverTune, which features the acclaimed EverTune constant tension bridge system, keeping this seven-string guitar in perfect tuning and intonation at all points on the neck under nearly every imaginable environment. The EC-1007 includes an EMG 81-7H/60-7H pickup set.

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