100+ ESP Players Shred Around the World

The worldwide community of ESP players never fails to amaze us. Take this example of a global collaboration that was put together by Matthew Scar, who got more than 100 ESP players around the world to shred over a backing track. As you can see and hear, there are tons of different styles and levels of proficiency on display here... and each and every one of the players who participated did their own best work. While we at ESP had nothing to do with putting this together (and didn't even know about it until it was posted), we couldn't be more proud of those who participated. If you haven't done so already, you should be sure to join the ESP All Access community, which is our official club of people who play ESP, E-II, and LTD guitars and basses. ESP All Access members get special discounts, previews of new products before the rest of the world, and much more. It's free, so join today. And again, thanks to Matthew Scar and the 100+ ESP players who rocked this collaboration project!

Seb Braganza

I miss this one wow you guys are amazing! 

Frederick B.

Hats off to everyone that participated!!!!  Horns up! \m/