Alex Skolnick: "Return to Serenity" (Testament Playthrough)

The iconic ESP signature artist Alex Skolnick performs an outstanding live playthrough of the Testament song "Return to Serenity" using his ESP Alex Skolnick guitar from the ESP Signature Series. This guitar is also available in a more affordable version with the LTD AS-1. Alex made this video in an effort to call attention to the charitable efforts of an organization called "Metal for Nepal"... learn more and donate at their web site

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Paul Marcus

INCREDIBLE solo!  Alex is a VASTLY underrated player.  When people talk about the great shredders from back in the day, his name needs to be right up there with the Marty Friedmans and Petruccis of the world.  He leaves guys like Hammett in the dust.

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak

Bravooooo alex