Entombed - Out of Hand - guitar cover by Kevin Storm

Using my LTD EX-401


In this ongoing series of songs I pay tribute to the songs that formed me and inspired me to be the musician I am now. For every cover I do, I try find the right group of people and record a full band cover. All music you hear is recorded by us, all rights belong to Entombed. For this song, the companions were; Vocals: Lena Winkel (www.instagram.com/mit_ecken_und_kanten) Guitar: Kevin Storm (Fleetburner) Bass: Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City) Drums: Nils Groth (Heretoir) Instruments recorded across the planet in our various homestudios.

Mixed and mastered by Aiden Gage at www.ArkonAudio.com

Video edit by Kevin Storm.

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