Alex Meister: "What's Up?"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Let's face it; the '80s were a great time for shred guitarists, and in both look and sound, Brazilian guitarist and ESP community member Alex Meister has a complete '80s vibe. He's using a vintage magenta ESP Horizon on his song "What's Up?", with a killer tone and some really nice lead lines. Per his profile, his big influences include George Lynch, Reb Beach, Warren DeMartini, and Eddie Van Halen, and you can definitely hear them in his playing style. If you're into the vibe of Alex's ESP, you should definitely take a look at the new LTD '87 Series guitars, which are reissues of the guitars ESP offered in our 1987 catalog. For more info on Alex, check out his web site

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Frederick B.

Awesome job Alex with the 80's vibe. \m/  You need a lot more hair spray to really pull it off though.  LOL. Just kidding.  Brings back memories though! 

Alex Meister

Thanks Frederick! If you'd like to watch more 80s vibe, please check out on YouTube my latest stuff such as "Alex Meister - Just Thinkin'About You" and "Pleasure Maker - Dancin'With Danger" and you will find there much more of this!

All my albums are about 80s Hard Rock style, and they are all available on spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Just look for "Alex Meister", "Marenna/Meister" and "Pleasure Maker".

And stay tuned cause my 5th CD "Out of Reach", the very first one with my new 80s Hard Rock project Marenna/Meister will be worldwide released on September 28th.


Frederick B.

I'll check out your YouTube channel.  \m/


Great work, Alex!!

Keep the '80s alive, Keep rockin'

Cheers from Brazil!

Alex Meister

Thank you Rodrigo!!