ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! This is the second time we've featured the music of All Access member Giovanni Rovatti, and like the previous time, we're reminded to not judge a book by its cover. This Italian ESP player is the frontman for thrash metal band Hydra, but in this video, he's taking on a pretty serious musical piece: it's his interpretation of two sections of "The Firebird" by 20th century Russian avant-garde composer Igor Stravinsky, "Introduction" and "Khorovod of the Princesses". That's some great inspiration for the massively heavy tones he's getting from the two guitars featured here. In the left channel is Giovanni's LTD Gary Holt Signature Series GH-600, and in the right channel (shown being tracked here) is his LTD M-Black Metal. The M-Black Metal is a neck-thru-body guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge and a direct-mount Seymour Duncan “Blackened” Black Winter pickup. If you're interested in getting inspired by other modern classical composers beyond Stravinsky, we recommend you start looking into Arnold Schoenberg, Maurice Ravel, Edgard Varèse, and Claude Debussy. If you want to hear Giovanni in his thrash mode, check out Hydra's Bandcamp page.

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