Mirage Deluxe '87 Demo by Jamie Hunt

UK-based guitar god and educator Jamie Hunt does this demo of the Mirage Deluxe '87 in Pearl Pink finish. This guitar is part of the LTD ’87 Series, faithful recreations of the iconic set of instruments from ESP’s 1987 catalog, when ESP first became known worldwide for innovative high-performance guitar designs. The Mirage Deluxe '87 (also available in Turquoise finish) is based on the original ESP Mirage body shape. It's a bolt-on shred machine with an alder body and three-piece extra thin U-shaped maple neck, featuring a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge and a pickup set that includes a Seymour Duncan Distortion TB-6 (with original style bobbins and a push-pull control to split the coils) in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail single coil in the neck position.

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Dmitry P.

ESP Mirage - only "Jackson-like" headstock is good for that guiatr! It's true!


Always been a fan of Jamie. The way he caress his guitar is just extra!


Finn S.

Jamie's guitar technique in incredible.  None like him. hid bulbs