Guitar Training with Cameron Stucky: Three-Octave Scale Runs

ESP artist Cameron Stucky has created a series of lessons that will help you learn some new techniques, or to tighten the skills you already have. You can watch the lesson and refer to the sheet music and tablature below. Lesson #1: Three-Octave Scale Runs

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Shahril L.

Hey Cameron, thanks for the tips.

Mind to share the signal chain as well ...sounds cool 

Phillip Newton

Awesome video


Thanks for the video. This is easy to follow but sounds awesome.

This may be a dumb question, but why start on the 7 (G#) instead of the 1 (A)?


No problem glad you enjoy it! And no not a dumb question at all, it’s simply a matter of preference. I find not starting on the “1” gives the run a little more variety, and you’ll notice in the song example I play beyond the lick itself and eventually land on “A” to bring it back. I chose not to notate this part since I wanted to encourage you guys to finish it off however you like!

Frederick B.

Thanks Cameron. Awesome lesson to practice with.  \m/


No problem glad you enjoy it!