B-1005 Multi-Scale Bass Playthrough by Brian Krahe (Krosis)

ESP player Brian Krahe of progressive deathcore band Krosis uses the LTD Deluxe B-1005 Multi-Scale bass on a playthrough of their song "To Persist Or Adhere". The B-1005 Multi-Scale's fret design optimizes string tension so that the lower strings have a longer scale compared to the higher strings, resulting in consistently excellent tone and performance at all points across the fingerboard. Its high-end components include a black bone nut, Gotoh tuners, and Hipshot Solo bridge, as well as a set of acclaimed Nordstrand Big Splits hum-cancelling pickups, along with an ABQ-3MS 3-band EQ. Krosis's new album A Memoir of Free Will comes out February 7.  Keep up with them via their web site.


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