2020 NAMM Show: George Lynch Artist Interview

Live at the 2020 NAMM Show, an interview with George Lynch. See all "New for 2020" guitars and basses here.

Mr Scary

I have a 89 Kamikaze III that is the best built guitar I've ever played! In all these years, I've never had to adjust the neck. It's been rock solid all these years!

Adam Y.

George I gotta pass on the headstock. The original Kami with the "hockey stick" HS is allright

Michael L.

agree on the headstock Adam....just CAN'T do it....I like the Blue Kami the best out of the 4.....

Hector V.

Mr George Lynch is a very approachable and fun person. I had the honor to meeting him last year and He was a very nice  person to take to.