Introducing the '87 Series

ESP is celebrating our 45th anniversary in 2020, having gotten our start in 1975 as a small instrument repair shop in Tokyo. However, it was really toward the mid 1980s when our guitars and basses grabbed the attention of players around the world. The LTD ’87 Series are faithful recreations of that first full set of ESP instruments. The '87 Series includes the Eclipse ’87, Eclipse ’87 NT, M-1 Custom ’87, Mirage Deluxe '87, and Surveyor ’87 bass. More info on the '87 Series here.

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Kevrokk A.D.


Richard S.



I was really hoping for an HS Horizon I or Horizon Bass in the lineup, especially since these two models were also in the 87 catalog. 

Aidan H.

I was thinking the same thing tbh, in the original rose gold finish or something like that, having said that I'm very happy with what they have come out with and will probably be getting one of those M I models 

Raff Sangiorgio


Dwayne M.

Would love a maple fretboard on a black M-1

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