LTD Signature Series AW-7 Baritone Demo by Alex Wade (Whitechapel)

Alex Wade is the rhythm guitarist of Knoxville-TN-based deathcore band Whitechapel. We've done a complete overhaul of his LTD Signature Series AW-7 Baritone guitar for 2020. It's a 7-string guitar at 27” scale, allowing for extreme downtuning with its extended lower range. The guitar’s swamp ash body offers an Open Grain Black Satin finish, and its five-piece maple/walnut/paduak neck has a Macassar ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets. The AW-7 Baritone gets its tone from a set of direct-mount DiMarzio D-Activator 7 pickups, with enriched harmonic overtones and tight low end response. This guitar also features a Hipshot fixed hardtail bridge and LTD locking tuners.More info on all "New for 2020" models here.

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Greg B.


Adam Y.

Nice! glad to see him back with another model


Nice guy, nice guitar.