French Thrasher: "Practice What You Preach" (solo cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! When we wake up on Friday mornings and check out the latest videos uploaded to the ESP site, it's always a mystery. What will members of the ESP All Access community have posted this week? Something mellow? Something brutal? Today, we found a real mystery via All Access member French Thrasher and his playthrough cover of the solo from Testament's "Practice What You Preach", the title track from the iconic thrash band's 1989 third album.  We don't know his real name, but we can tell he's spent plenty of time rocking on his See Thru Red Horizon FR-2, because he nails this melodic and speedy Alex Skolnick lead very well.

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Giovanni R.


Asko E.

Sick! Great job!

Frederick B.

Freakin awesome shredding! \m/

jason b.

Awesome job always loved this solo best on the album