Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft of Nevada-based hard rock/metalcore band Escape the Fate stopped by ESP headquarters to try out the LTD Phoenix-1000 See Thru Black Cherry, one of our "New for 2020" guitars. This Phoenix-1000 model features a pair of Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker active pickups (Alnico in the neck position, Ceramic in the bridge), with a push-pull control to activate the second voicing. A neck-thru-body design, this guitar offers the stability and tone you need for your best performances. Learn more about the LTD Phoenix-1000 and many more "New for 2020" guitars...

New for 2020 Phase 1

New for 2020 Phase 2

New for 2020 Phase 3

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Incredible guitar!  When will it be released and will there be a left handed model available?

Tom Sisson

Ben L.

When will these be available to preorder? I have like $800 saved for this Phoenix haha (also will cases be made available to purchase for them at launch?)

HeathenGuitar B.

Agree with Scott H, Seconding the request for making a Standard version.  Ltd looks great, nice job.



Can’t wait!

Scott H.

Please, please make a Standard the new look by the way! My favourite guitar for a while now. Have two of the original standards. 


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