Pablus Hansen: "Megajam"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! When we choose our weekly spotlight on an ESP All Access member, we can usually find out if the music being performed is original, is a cover, is a playthrough, or other details that help us describe what it's all about. However, in the case of member Pablus Hansen's video, all it says is "Megajam Chilean Guitarists". We have no idea what that means. Maybe it's a cover of some kind of jam where guitar players from Chile all participated. Maybe it's a jam that Pablus created and is dedicated to guitar players from Chile. We don't know, but it really doesn't matter... we liked it! Pablus is playing his LTD MH Series guitar, which is a great choice here. The MH Series combines the arch-top body of the H/Horizon Series with certain design elements of the M Series, giving guitarists the best of both worlds. Pablus has a great collection of our guitars including an LTD EX-401FM, the LTD MH-350 used here, an LTD MH-417, and an LTD F-350FR. If you want to hear more music from Pablus, he's got some great stuff on his YouTube channel.

If you're doing cool music with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD guitar or bass, upload a video to the ESP site and we might select you as the next ESP All Access Community Member to feature on our front page where thousands of other players can check you out! Get the details here.

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