George Lynch on the LTD GL-KAMI4

The legendary guru of rock and metal guitar, George Lynch, stopped by ESP headquarters to talk about the latest addition to his ESP and LTD Signature Series, the LTD GL-KAMI4.  This guitar, based on George's favorite Kamikaze model, includes distinctive features like the sawtooth headstock (or, as George calls it, the cheese grater), along with a resonant, lightweight alder body, maple neck with maple fingerboard, and a pickup set that includes an ESP Designed LSH-100N single coil in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan Signature George Lynch “The Hunter” humbucker in the bridge.

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Alfredo L.

I really loved hearing your play. I can back just to here it again. So cool and fast. Thanks! We are doing Roofing Installation while listening.

Alfredo L.

Great guitar fits great performer. You have a great talent for guitars. I hope I can be as good as you. Landscape Design

Nick  S.

I love mine!!!

George is a JEDI MASTER

jason b.

George the monster shredder

Meggy T.

Amazing performance! I love your video interview. Impressive | Teether Pop

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