Gav King (Fields of the Nephilim) on the LTD Deluxe TE-1000 EverTune

Respected UK-based guitarist Gav King (Fields of the Nephilim) walks you through the features of the LTD Deluxe TE-1000 EverTune, one of our new guitars introduced for 2019. The TE-1000 EverTune features the powerful and innovative EverTune constant tension bridge, ensuring that under almost any conditions, your guitar will stay in perfect tune, and have incredibly accurate intonation at every point on the fingerboard. This guitar also features the new EMG 57TW/66TW set with coil-splitting on each individual pickup using push-pull controls on the volume and tone knobs.

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I love the “over powered” sound of this guitar.  Not what I would expect from a “telecaster” shaped guitar.