As a performer and educator, Nikki Stevens is a highly-respected multi-instrumental musician with years of experience both on stage and giving music lessons at all levels. In this video, she tries out the LTD AP-4 bass, immediately recognizing the advantage of its excellent build quality and its high-end components like EMG P (neck) and EMG LJ (bridge) active pickups, Grover tuners, and Babicz bridge, all of which represent a big step up from typical less-advanced basses. Get more info on Nikki (including booking some time for a lesson!) at her Facebook page.

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Wow Nikki! Where did you learn to play like that? Did you take any lessons or something? I have been trying hard but I have not been on the same level as yours.

Chris of Handyman Macon


Woah! That bass is FANTASTIC! Total metal tone \m/

Jason K.

So good!  I've played guitar since I was 13 and recently picked up a bass.  It's been so fun to learn a new instrument.  I don't get to put nearly as much time into it as I'd like because I'm always busy working at brick repair fort worth, but I am keeping at it.  Love videos like this!  


Wow, Nikki! You definitely rock on this video. What else can't you do, beautiful woman?

Jon of charleston concrete contractors

August B.

Love my F5E !