Steve Dadaian: "On Silver Shores"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! This is the second time we've featured the music of All Access member Steve Dadaian, and we can pretty much guarantee it won't be the last. Hailing from northern New Jersey, Steve is one of those musicians who can blow the minds of other guitar players, incorporating a variety of performance styles and excelling at them all. "On Silver Shores" is the closing song off of his concept album Follow the Light, and he's using a cornucopia of our instruments here including an ESP USA M-II, an ESP E-II Eclipse EverTune, and an ESP E-II AP-4 bass. Steve states, "The EverTune bridge has become invaluable for rhythm playing especially, which did not have to be tuned once during the 6 week recording process." In case Steve sounds like an especially talented guitarist here among the ranks of the ESP All Access community, that's a correct assessment; he's been a contributing artist to Guitar World, a Rolling Stone "Next Young Gun" finalist, and has achieved other well-deserved honors for his playing. You can check out more of Steve's music, which ranges from progressive metal to hard rock to classical, at his Facebook page.

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