For 2019, we updated our popular LTD Deluxe B-1004 and B-1005 basses with tops made of solid bocote, a beautiful figured sustainable tonewood. This bass is highlighted by the inclusion of Nordstrand Big Splits hum-cancelling pickups, along with an ABQ-3MS 3-band EQ. This setup gives you incredible flexibility in tone, with an active/passive mini-switch, a mid-frequency selection mini-switch (800Hz or 400Hz), individual bass, treble, and mid EQ controls, and master volume and balance controls. Steve Lane, a great bass player and product specialist from ESP's Australian distributor CMI, lets his fingers do the talking about this excellent bass!

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Michael T.

Great video!

Anybody know the string spacing at the bridge?

claudio v.

F A N T A S T I C!


No chance to play like you... yet I'd really want one of these supreme 5ers


Thank you for your briefing