LTD Deluxe Xtone PS-1000 Demo by Pat Heath

Introduced for 2019, the LTD Deluxe PS-1000 is the first "1000 Series" version of our popular Xtone Series of semi-hollow guitars. Available in both Violet Shadow (with flamed maple top) and Purple Sparkle finishes, the PS-1000 is a guitar that is at home with a wide variety of genres and performance styles. It has the comfortable, fast feel you associate with ESP guitars via its thin U-shaped maple neck, so if you're into shredding, this guitar is not going to hold you back. But beyond the world of metal, this is a guitar that will add depth and dimension to alternative rock, indie folk, progressive, reggae, jazz, and more. Its set of overwound Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups offer the midrange bite and attack of a P-90 single coil in a humbucker format. In this video, UK-based guitar god Pat Heath takes the PS-1000 for a run on this playthrough of one of his original songs.

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i love these finishes. but if you did a ESP Japan Twinkle Pink, I'd probably buy any model that gets it.