Danny Cole: "Hotel California" Solo

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We admit it; we usually look for videos with professional-quality audio recording when we're choosing a member of the ESP All Access community to spotlight. After all, these videos are meant to highlight the great sound of our guitars and basses. But in the case of this "Hotel California" solo cover by Danny Cole, even though it may have been recorded on a phone, we like the vibe of Danny's playing, even if the tone of his LTD EC-1000 was probably way better in the room than we can tell from here. Regardless, Danny takes on this classic Eagles solo and pretty much nails it, and based on the video, he seems to be very capable in his fluid classic rock lead playing. Hats off to Danny and his tasty homage to Don Felder and Joe Walsh!  

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Hi man!

great performance..

but yours t-shirt is an awesome!