ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! All Access member Jon Symons has one quality that makes us notice his videos: tone! Granted, his compositions and guitar playing are both superb, but the reason we've showcased a number of his videos is really simple... he makes our guitars sound great! In this video, he's using his LTD Stephen Carpenter Signature Series SCT-607B, a monster baritone guitar designed by the Deftones' guitarist, and it's sounding terrific on Jon's original song. You can always hear more of Jon via his YouTube channel.    

If you're doing cool music with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD guitar or bass, upload a video to the ESP site and we might select you as the next ESP All Access Community Member to feature on our front page where thousands of other players can check you out! Get the details here.

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Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak

Tnx jeff k.

Mark Ensign

How are the strings not falling off the guitar? There arent any winds on the pegs?

Ivan S.

Locking tuners, have them on my ESP-II Snow White seven string.