This is one of the best ESP clinic videos we've ever seen, thanks to the people at ESP dealer Klangfarbe in Vienna, Austria. On Thursday November 22, when most of us in the USA were stuffing our faces with turkey and stuffing, bass player Frank Bello (Anthrax) and guitarist Gary Holt (Exodus/Slayer) were in Europe doing a series of ESP clinics, including this one at Klangfarbe where metal fans packed the house for a fun and informative free-flowing discussion. While we can't promise that every ESP clinic is as entertaining as this one -- not every artist is like Frank and Gary, obviously -- we definitely recommend that the next time an ESP artist is headed your way that you make plans to attend our clinics! After watching this, learn more about Frank Bello ESP and LTD Signature Series basses here and Gary Holt ESP and LTD Signature Series guitars here.

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Cogan C.

Frank is a hell of a guy and truly loves interacting with everyone, even little aspiring musicians. This vid made me appreciate him even more!