LTD H-1007 Demo by Vahan Aslanyan

ESP artist Vahan Aslanyan, guitarist for Los Angeles-based rock band Chasing Desolation, does a playthrough and then talks about the features of the updated LTD Deluxe H-1007,  a seven-string guitar with features that includes a Hipshot bridge with string-thru-body design, a set of direct-mounted Seymour Duncan Sentient/Pegasus pickups, and much more.

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Adam Y.

I find I need an 8 if I'm gonna play ER. I can't start in say drop A or even B without needing at least a few notes in the lower direction to resolve a riff if necessary. I don't just chug on the low F, gets too muddy but having the extra low notes really helps(my 8 is the SC-608B with 81 in the bridge instead of 808). But for somebody looking for a passive-equipped 7 this is great the only issue I can see is it's only 25.5 scale, 27 is a better option for ER guitars. Nice job on this BTW!