Eric "Erock" Calderone on the Traveler Guitar EC-1

We’ve teamed up with the innovators at Traveler Guitar to offer this perfect solution for ESP players who need a super-compact guitar for road trips, to keep at the office, or just to have handy anytime you need to rock, as Erock does here on his song "Gotham". Don’t be fooled by the apparent small size of the LTD EC-1; it’s built at full 24.75” scale, so it’s excellent for practicing and jamming no matter where you go. The EC-1 has a built-in 4-channel headphone amplifier with clean, boost, overdrive and distortion tones that you can hear in earphones or run into an amp. It's equipped with an aux input so you can connect your mobile device and play along with your favorite tracks. It also includes a gig bag, and is available in Vintage Black (with gold hardware) and Snow White (with black hardware) finishes.

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