Since 2011, Cane Hill has taken their heavy sounds from the swampy New Orleans environment all the way around the world, building a huge fan base due in part to the great guitar playing of ESP artist James Barnett. In this video, James tells you about his appreciation of LTD guitars (like his very first ESP, an LTD Viper-200 Series), and talks about how he developed his own sound while jamming on some sweet riffs and frantic leads using his personal LTD MH-401FR

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V Y.

I bought this same guitar (LTD MH-401FR) in early 2018 and was blown away by it's built quality and play ability. It's my first ESP/LTD guitar and last week I just bought online a Horizon e-ii FR Black Natural Burst. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Victor A.

Endorse this dude and give him his dream Custom Shop guitar!

Greg F.