What happens when ESP legend George Lynch hooks up with vocalist Corey Glover (Living Colour), bass player Pancho Tomaselli (War), and acclaimed drummer Chris Moore? Apparently, you get some seriously great hard rock! This new band is called Ultraphonix, and their debut album Original Human Music is set for release on August 3, though you can pre-order it right now. In the video for "Walk Run Crawl", George is playing an ESP Aero, which is a killer angular asymmetrical V-shaped model made by the ESP Custom Shop in Japan. If you're into it, you might want to check out the Arrow, a similar model we offer in ESP OriginalESP E-II, and LTD versions.

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Strings X.

I was wondering what Corey was up to these days!! He has ALWAYS been my favorite vocalist. Now he's joined a true powerhouse of musicians to belt out some heavy, Heavy-Metal. They sound awesome!!