Jonas Tamas: "Emotional Melodic Solo"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! There are many elements of mystery to this week's All Access member spotlight. Who is Jonas Tamas? While his member profile here at the ESP site give no info, we did some investigative reporting (okay, we looked at his Facebook) and found that he seems to be a really good guitar player from Budapest, Hungary. And what guitar is he playing? It seems to be a reverse-headstock, H/S/S "The Mirage" with a Floyd and a nice gloss crimson finish, built at the ESP Custom Shop in the late '80s. But what actually sets Jonas's video apart from many others we get is his tasteful playing, with killer tone, really nice phrasing and note selection... and a dog that seems to be a border collie who truly enjoys the music. Jonas and dog for the win. 

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Jonas Tamas

Thanks for having me in the member spotlight, it means a lot to me!