Frank Bello and his band Anthrax are revving up the engines to start a tour next month as a supporting act for Slayer's final tour, along with Lamb of God, Testament and Napalm Death. Many of the players in these respected bands choose ESP, and Frank will be proudly playing his Signature Series basses at the shows. In this video, Frank tells you about the design of the LTD FB-J4, a killer bass with an alder body, a bolt-on maple neck at 34" scale, Gotoh bridge, and a whole world of tone via its set of EMG PX and EMG JX active pickups with red covers.

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James L.

Few years have passed since he's returned, but every time I look on the site and see that Frank is a member of the ESP family, I feel awesome, even if I'm not a bassist. He's easily one of my favorite bass players in metal, and to know the man who's responsible for some of the best bass riffs in metal is with the company I also love is great to see.