Hail Sagan, the LA-based hard rock band featuring vocalist Sagan Amery and ESP player Nick Quijano (who you may recall as "Sci55ors" from Powerman 5000), has a new song and a new video to go with it. Enjoy "Doors Will Open", where Nick is using his completely awesome distressed-finish Eclipse from the ESP Custom Shop. If you want to buy the song, here's a handy link for you. Hail Sagan is heading out on a short tour, so if you're near any of these spots, go check them out!

Jan 28: Phoenix, AZ (Joe's Grotto)
Jan 30: Austin, TX (Come and Take It Live)
Feb 1: Houston, TX (Scout Bar)
Feb 4: Oklahoma City, OK (89th Street)
Feb 5: Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad)
Feb 7: Colorado Springs, CO (Black Sheep)
Feb 9: Las Vegas, NV (Beauty Bar)
Feb 10: Fullerton, CA (Slidebar)

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