Mastodon had a pretty amazing year in 2017. Not only did they release one of their best-selling and most acclaimed albums of their career with Emperor of Sand in March, but they followed it up in September with the EP Cold Dark Place, which is where the song "Toe to Toes" (shown here) comes from. Mastodon is currently one of the preeminent metal bands in the world, beloved by longtime fans and attracting more people all the time. The band features ESP player Bill Kelliher, who has multiple ESP and LTD Signature Series guitars including the ESP Bill Kelliher Eclipse, the LTD Sparrowhawk, and more. In this video, Bill's bandmate Brent takes Bill's ESP Custom Shop Sparrowhawk out for a little journey with a terrific solo. Hey, if you haven't ever borrowed your buddy's guitar for a solo, you probably haven't ever been in a band. Keep up with all things Mastodon at their site