ESP COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We often get very pleasantly surprised when looking through the huge collection of videos that members of the ESP Community have contributed over the years. This is one of those times. InVase is the solo project of musician Ian Shuirr, who was best known as the former drummer for Knoxville, TN-based metalcore band Straight Line Stitch, as well as other bands. And we have to say, as far as drummers go, he's a damn fine guitar player and songwriter! Ian is using his LTD MH-250NT, a predecessor to the current MH-401NT on his song "ConTaminant", which has some awesome brutal riffs, delicious dissonance, and great rhythmic motifs (hmm, maybe more drummers should try guitar!). If Ian's other work with InVase is as good as this, it's definitely worth checking him out at his Bandcamp page.

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