In 2014, ESP took its series of guitars and basses that were previously called "ESP Standard" and offered them under a new name: ESP E-II. It was at that point that we also stepped up our already-great level of quality and innovation to offer what might be the best factory-produced fretted instruments in the world today. ESP E-II models are made in Japan at our Tokyo-based ESP factory by our experienced team of luthiers. Each ESP E-II guitar and bass makes use of world-class components, and offers a level of design detail and build quality that rivals instruments costing much more. Since ESP E-II's introduction, hundreds of respected artists have chosen these guitars and basses for their most serious recording and live sound work. If you're interested in learning more about our ESP E-II products, please see the links below.

ESP E-II Guitars
ESP E-II Basses

Music: "Elefante" by DER ELEFANT featuring ESP player Alex Scholpp

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