ESP COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! According to his ESP Community profile, Trashgreen -- a self-described "metal dude" from Denmark -- has a pretty amazing collection of ESPs that includes an Eclipse CTM-1 FR Camo, an E-II T-B7, a Formula FR-II, an E-II MII, an EX FR, an LTD B-205SM, a Vintage Plus FR, an M-II Zebra, an Eclipse II DB Distressed, and a V-II FR. It's this last guitar that Trashgreen uses to tear up his thrashy song shown here. We thank him not only for being a huge ESP supporter and consistently adding great content to our online community, but also for being innovative with his playing style and tones. This was fun to hear.  

If you're doing cool music with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD guitar, upload a video to the ESP site and we might select you as the next ESP Community Member to feature on our front page where thousands of other players can check you out! Get the details here.

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