LTD EC-1000 PIEZO Demo by Chris Cannella

ESP's Chris Cannella takes you through the details of one of the most flexible guitars in the LTD Deluxe Series: the EC-1000 PIEZO. Available in both See Thru Blue and See Thru Black finishes, the EC-1000P features two kinds of pickups: a standard pickup set -- the excellent Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB -- and a Fishman Powerbridge and Tailpiece. With two output jacks, you can send each pickup type to its own output, or even combine them both.

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Paul Key

This guitar has my favorite features : 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, passive pickups, and a Piezo pickup.

This guitar has incredible sustain (even on a clean sound), an easy access to the 24th fret, and the neck feels very good.

I bought it a few weeks ago, and it sounds amazing! In my band we play a handful of songs that have acoustic guitar in the verse, and switch to overdriven rhythms in the bridge, and my EC-1000P delivers all those great sounds, with a flick of a switch !! I might post a few videos on Youtube channel that show some examples of Piezo-Magnetic songs and riffs.

Peter Dresc

 Nice, but Dean Z. has had 1 for over a year, a little behind boys?

Nick K.

I wish y'all had a 22 fret version, but I still think it's a great guitar -- 

BUT -- a screw in battery door?

That's just a bad design choice...

My 0.02, take it or leave it.

Amin Y.

Will a 7string version of this be available?

Laura C.

Wow! it`s really beautiful...

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