On Saturday August 20, Metallica became the first rock band to perform at the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and it's no surprise that they completely tore up the venue with the killer new song "Hardwired" off their upcoming album.

Frontman James Hetfield was using his latest addition to the ESP Signature Series, the Vulture. Available in both LTD and ESP versions, the Vulture offers set-neck construction for smooth access up and down the neck, a mahogany body and neck with 22-fret ebony fingerboard, and James' own EMG JH Set pickups. And then over at stage left, the one and only Kirk Hammett was playing his Mummy guitar from the ESP Custom Shop. According to all reports, it was a completely excellent show, and Metallica's upcoming album will become part of the soundtrack of your life when it's released on November 18.

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