LTD B-204FL Bass Demo

Stephen Lane of ESP's Australian distributor CMI created this video for Ampeg, but it's also a pretty awesome quick demo of the LTD B-204FL. Now available in a terrific Spalted Maple top, this fretless bass offers an amazing amount of value with features like an ash body, 5-piece maple/rosewood neck, rosewood fingerboard with 24 fret markers, an LTD BB-604 bridge with string-thru-body design, ESP Designed SB-4N and SB-4B pickups, and 3-band active EQ.

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Carlos Enrique  M.

I have a bass of this model, beautiful, and with a spectacular sound, now, after placing a set of Flatwood strings, the sound is great. Thank you for producing this instrument. Greetings from Venezuela.

Kevin M.

At age 63 I finally got the courage to try fretless,so I pulled the frets out of a cheap kit bass.I was intrigued and knew I needed a proper fretless and after a long search I decided on the LTD b-204F.I've never been happier with a bass purchase And I own many including some high end models.Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to play with it's comfy fast neck, I get a great sound with the stock pups and electronics.My only regret is not acting years sooner.A great fretless at an unbeatable price.