M-1000 vs M-1000 with Pat Heath and Jamie Hunt

It's a battle to the death! Okay, not to the death, but you'll be the judge when UK-based ESP players Pat Heath and Jamie Hunt respectively arm themselves the new LTD M-1000 Ebony Snow White and the LTD M-1000SE Vintage Natural Satin, and fight to the finish! Okay, they really don't fight. They rock. And they both win. Actually, you win, because both of these fine guitars are available at your local ESP dealer or international distributor now.
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Chuck P.

This thing is sweetness!!! it's an older one so it has ivory banding and extra abalone...bonus!

Eric M.

I have the LTD M-1000E it's pure awesomeness


I am wanting to get one do they still make the SE????

Dominic M.

I like LTD M-1000 Ebony Snow White better