Jimmy Beattie of Seasons After does a sweet playthrough of his tune "Without Warning" on an LTD EC-1000FM Amber Sunburst. This guitar features set-neck construction, and a killer Seymour Duncan SH-1 and SH-4 passive pickup set.

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Ricky P.

Jimmy is a beast! Very proud to say I own both his EC-1000's now including this one in the video! 

Steve Cooper

Great sound and awesome technique!!

Johnny Peebucks

I bought/owned one of these back in 2004 when they still had earvana nuts & Sperzel locking tunners with the ESP written on the truss rod cover. While I'm sure the current tunners are fine, I loved the earvana nut. Besides that, out of the over 20ish guitars I've owned, some being Gibsons, Gibson CS, PRS and Fenders; this was the best sounding and easiest guitar to play out of them all. It looks better in person as well. Could very well be the best LP/Singlecut guitars out their for the price range. Also, even though they come in active pup varieties, the SD pups easily cover modern high gain tones.

Jeison B.

I'm not a lover of passive guitars but this sounds very elegant


Badass \m/

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